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Emulsifying stirring Dispersing ( Lab Classic Series, Lab W Series, Lab Sealed Emulsifying machine, Hi Shear Emulsifying machine, Pipeline Emulsifying machine, Bottom Emulsifying machine, Jet Emulsifying machine, Agitator, Compound Combined Agitator, Lab dispersing machine, Ind dispersing machine, Lab Agitator ) Wet Grinding equipment ( Lab Wet Grinding equipment, Ind Wet Grinding equipment ) Reaction Storage Series ( Reactor, Cylinder, tank, Weighing metering tank ) Static Mixer & Filter ( S Series Static Mixers, JHF static mixer, HK static mixing heat exchanger, Jet mixer, Pipe filter, Bag filter, Mobile type filter ) Daily Chemical & Coating ( Cosmetic equipment, Liquid washing equipment, Washing powder equipment, Coating equipment ) Complete series of special ( Heavy oil, Diesel oil emulsion, Asphalt emulsification & modification, Grease equipment ) Non-standard custom ( Silicone oil Emulsification, Pesticide EW & SC equipment, Ink Equipment, Oil Blending ) Powder Equipment ( Powder Mixer, Powder Conveyor )
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